The Beekman Group is a leading private equity firm dedicated to bringing financial and operational resources to lower middle-market companies.

TBG’s team consists of experienced private equity and operating professionals, as well as a select group of Industry Advisors who are leading executives in our targeted industry segments. Our targeted industry sectors are Healthcare, Consumer, Business Services, and Financial Services. Our Industry Advisor approach to investing is the cornerstone of our investment strategycreating value through accelerating growth in partnership with lower middle-market management teams.

Meaning of Beekman

TBG is named after the Beekman area of New York City—a small, yet storied neighborhood located in midtown Manhattan. Situated on the East River, north of the United Nations headquarters and east of Grand Central Station, Beekman sits at the gateway to NYC's commercial and cultural centers. Smaller and below the profile of surrounding neighborhoods, Beekman nonetheless provides access to the best NY has to offerfrom the sophistication of Park Avenue to the energy of Times Square and Rockefeller Center.

By design, TBG is a firm that serves as a gateway to the best of private equity. By bringing capital resources and experience from leading institutions, deep industry relationships and a proven track record of successful investing, TBG seeks to support lower middle-market companies that, although small in size and profile, are ready, capable, and driven to operate with the professionalism and sophistication of world-class industry leaders. In partnership with management, TBG has the resources, both financial and human, to assist companies along the path from being small and “below the radar” to operating as and becoming leaders in their markets. By way of example, our companies in the aggregate have grown revenues almost ninefold during Beekman ownership from $160 million to over $1.4 billion.